Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ztx-a hard surface mechanincal robot modelling

i made this hard surface mechanical robot a few  months back..i became a milestone for me..i t is inspired from the bumble bee charachter in the movie transformer..well i used 3ds max 9.0 for modelling and rendered using brazil r/s ...brazil is a gift for hard surfaced textured models  few click and u are on the track.i still have to get a good 360 of this model in few days and composite it in my showreel.


nupur said...

nice modelling

vinodhkumarraju said...

good work dude.. keep working...and achieve more..

sumedh said...


Dude try to render your models and other 3d stuff in some very good renderers like mental ray, vray, mayaman, renderman.. The quality will increase and also the look and feel.